Solitude – A 4k night timelapse in Singapore

The quality of video published by some of the timelapse professionals never cease to amaze me, especially when seen in Vimeo (on a PC where the quality is generally better).

I had no idea what to call this video. After shooting time lapse videos for a few years, I have collected a substantial amount of timelapse video clips, and I haven’t been able to find any reason to shoot a new timelapse video series.

So, rather than venturing out to shoot a new timelapse video, I decided to just go through the old clips and check out the differences between my older (2012-2013) vs newer (2014-2015) timelapse video clips.

Switching from a very basic Nikon D3100 to a D7100 allowed better quality images but there’s still lots of post-processing and touch-ups that needed to be done.

Everytime the images need further processing work, e.g. deflickering, stabilisation, lighting/colour fixes, the quality of the video output will be affected.

For this video, I was trying to figure out a way (as in workflow) to create 4k timelapse video content of as high quality as possible (for my PC to handle without constantly crashing) and see how it looks on YouTube.

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