We offer specialised time-lapse services in Singapore and aerial photography and video services for end-clients, brand agencies and video production houses.


We offer time-lapse photography services. Our equipment include Canon, Panasonic, Sony and Nikon systems, gimbals, motion sliders, 2-axis motion control systems.

Using Time-lapse / Hyperlapse for setup of events

This system is useful when setting up for major events, rehearsals and installations. See this video of iLight Marina Bay 2018 for examples of time-lapse that can be done for events setup.

The setting up of major art installations often require multiple specialties and teams to come together to be successful. The setup process is often neglected by the organisers, although these are the exact key components that should be recorded for future reference and marketing. The final art works or major installations will surely have lots of publicity and records, but the preparations are actually some of the most interesting video clips that can be achieved.

CONSTRUCTION (Long-Term) Time-Lapse

We are able to capture the tear-down, construction, installation of buildings, major infrastructure and art installations, in 4k Ultra High Definition video through the use of time-lapse, without the need for permanent camera to be installed on site.

Long Term Construction Time-lapse without the need for permanent camera to be installed on site

This prevents equipment and system errors that often happen during this type of long-term time-lapse projects, as the equipment will be subject to extreme weather conditions. Fail cases can be due to power issues, cable issues, camera overheat, card errors, lens dirty, etc. These will greatly reduce the potential high quality that time-lapse photography can achieve for video project teams.

FANCY B-Roll, establishing shots

Time-lapse (especially “Hyperlapse”) are very suitable for film production teams to create establishing shots and beautiful environmental sets for scene transitions.

MOST IMPORTANTLY, the final products can be achieved without the cost and hassle of sending a large video production team to shoot on-site. For time-lapse shoots, we operate in small 1 to 2 man teams, and we operate as stealthily as possible.

LOW LIGHT (night) environment

Time-lapses are able to generate extremely high dynamic range footages (that are comparable to those produced by cinema cameras), and the ability to capture high quality video in low light environments, whether cityscape or nature parks, offers easy solutions for your video project.


Aerial Photos and Videos offer new perspectives and angles for your videos. Equipments include DJI Inspire 2, DJI Mavic 2 Pro

AERIAL TIMELAPSE & AERIAL HYPERLAPSE – this is a new form of timelapse technique that is still being explored by many professionals. We have the ability to capture both static timelapse and motion hyperlapse for you to include in your videos. The aerial timelapse can also be implemented for long-term construction to offer a brand new perspective of construction and installation works over weeks, months or perhaps even years.

Aerial photography – suitable for events, corporate, architecture. This is the chance for you to wow your audience with high resolution photos taken from a brand new perspective.

Aerial videos – no matter whether it’s for a large-scale performance or small-scale private event, we are able to offer aerial video footage for you to include into your final video.


For video projects that require footage from outside of Singapore, we will be able to coordinate with partners from different parts of the world to help you collect the necessary video footage.

We are also able to travel to the locations outside of Singapore to record the required time-lapse and/or aerial footage.

See some of the Royalty-Free Stock Footage that we currently have

Taiwan stock footage – including time-lapse and videos

Singapore stock videos / Singapore time-lapse stock footage / Singapore aerial stock video

Stock footage from Seoul (South Korea)

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